Ichina Nishio Olga Millet

Un grenier immense aux lucarnes toujours ouvertes où scintille des l'aube une petite lueur magique. Ce grenier, deux fées l'ont choisie pour atelier. Alors au petit matin, elles se mettent au travail et de leurs doigts de fées, elles créent des merveilles. Depuis le jour où elles ont choisi ce grenier, nous l’appelons "Le grenier aux merveilles". Daybreak dawn and a magic spark twinkles through a roof window into a huge attic. This attic is no ordinary attic as it was chosen by two fairies to be their workshop and so everything the fairies would put to work their fingers to make many creations. Since that very first day, we call this attic Le grenier aux merveilles(The attic full of wonder).

11 janv. 2015

8 janv. 2015

Two princesses in the wood...

Almost like in dark tales…Two princesses lost in the woods and looking for help.
Will somebody save them ?

7 nov. 2014

Announce for our exhibition

We are exhibiting our new collection at Paris Création on 30th Nov.

Lady CAT is enjoying her little moment.

Mr mad FOX

Mr. mad FOX is feeling good in his garden.

11 juil. 2014